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This publication describes systems and techniques for providing a color conversion method for a dark theme user interface (UI) on a portable electronic device when a blue light filtering mode is enabled. Portable electronic devices, such as smartphones, often include a dark theme UI that displays the UI portion of a display of the portable electronic device displaying dark colors. When blue light filtering is enabled on the portable electronic device displaying the dark theme UI, the portable electronic device performs calculations to determine a color transform matrix (M) for blue light filtering and an inverse color transform matrix (M-1) of that matrix. The portable electronic device can insert M-1 into color metadata of a UI buffer layer to transform the colors of the UI and shift the UI layer towards a blue color. After blending the UI layer with other layers, all the displayed elements (e.g., UI, graphics, text, etc.) are transformed by mapping M to their color metadata to perform blue light filtering. The dark theme user interface retains its true dark colors after transformation by M because it was previously shifted towards blue with M-1.

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Creative Commons License
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