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The thermal camera is a critical component of some 3D printers, hence it must always be well

calibrated. This calibration has two aspects to it: 1) thermal reading accuracy (thermal

calibration) and 2) geometrical positioning accuracy (optical calibration).

Current solutions for optical calibrations are based on printing FA or DA spots (we call these

processes “thermal camera printing calibration” and “thermal camera startup calibration”,

respectively), which consume time, build material and fluids. The thermal check is done using the

“Thermocamera Verification Test”, which is based on using a rectangular target located on the

carriage surface and heating it using one of the top lamps.

In this disclosure we propose a method to calibrate the thermal camera both optically and

thermally using thermal markers whose position and temperature are known with precision. The

use of dedicated HW allows performing the calibration during printing and consumes neither

build material nor fluids nor warm-up time.

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Creative Commons License
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