Click-to-expand advertisements are ads that, when clicked, require a second click to trigger the monetized event and subsequent redirection to landing page or similar, and visually expand after the first click to indicate to a user that a second click is required. In some cases, an online ad network may support “native ads,” where a publisher can implement a package of ad elements with the layout and behavior of their choosing. A publisher can implement ads based upon specific preferences for look and feel. If not carefully designed, native ads may result in user-interface issues, e.g., ads that are easy to interact with unintentionally. This disclosure describes techniques wherein these ads are made to be click-to-expand advertisements via intervention of the ad network that serves the ad. Through serving ads that are click-to-expand, a user’s intention to click an ad is confirmed via a second interaction with the expanded state of the ad instead of an immediate redirection to a landing page or similar on the first click. Through this confirmation of user intent via click-to-expand ads, instances of inadvertent ad clicks are reduced.

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Creative Commons License
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