This disclosure describes wearable devices, e.g., augmented reality glasses, with built-in projectors and/or LED displays that enable a user to specify their privacy preference and prevent image capture by other devices that are proximate to the user. The projectors, e.g., diffractive optical element (DOE) projectors are used to emit coded light that encodes a pattern that signals the user’s privacy preferences. Further, dithering projectors can be used to corrupt or limit the imaging area of a camera that is proximate to the user blanketing the wearer’s face with projected light. A wearer of glasses as described herein can switch between a cognito mode and an incognito mode. The glasses provide user privacy from image capture via other devices in the user’s proximity. The described techniques are suitable to provide privacy from devices that are on the same platform as a user’s AR glasses and devices that are on other AR platforms.

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Creative Commons License
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