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Current Large Format Printers have fixed warm‐up periods for the printing and scanning

systems when measuring a test chart to profile a printer and when doing calibrations (color,

printhead alignment, media alignment). For instance, the chart we currently use for profile

measurements have some patches that are only used to warm‐up the printing system.

Similarly, we warm‐up the embedded spectrophotometer before taking measures. The length

of the printing warm‐up patches and the time we turn‐on the spectrophotometer is fixed and

based on a previous experience and/or knowledge. However, Printers and Scanners are

dynamic systems that have printing and scanning warm‐up times that have variability over

time. They are also media dependent. This invention proposes a dynamic and heuristic method

to calculate the length of the warm‐up patches and spectrophotometer warm‐up time instead

of having it fixed(hard‐coded). The heuristic is based on Marginal Standard Error Rule (MSER)

and consist on removing initial measures that are a long way from the mean.

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