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A media player (e.g., a mobile phone, a tablet computer, a laptop computer, a television, etc.) may present a graphical user interface (GUI) that includes controls for interacting with a media file. The controls may include a play button, a pause button, and a progress bar with a marker designating the present point of playback (i.e., the current frame). The media player may enable user manipulation of the present point of playback, also referred to as media scrubbing, by moving the marker along the progress bar in response to user input dragging the marker along the progress bar. The GUI may be displayed on a screen of any size and shape (e.g., rectangular or non-rectangular). Displaying the GUI on a small or non-rectangular display, such as on a smart watch, may inhibit effective media scrubbing by making the progress bar too small for effective and/or accurate user interaction (e.g., smaller screens may result in a size of the progress bar becoming relatively small as compared to a size of a user’s finger). This disclosure provides techniques that enable effective and/or accurate media scrubbing on a small and/or non-rectangular display.

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