This disclosure describes the use of a camera, e.g., webcam, during fingerprint registration and fingerprint based authentication of users on laptops. Images from the camera are utilized to guide finger placement and fingerprint capture during fingerprint registration and to provide additional information during subsequent fingerprint based authentication. A user interface is provided to guide the user to position the laptop lid at an angle such that the fingerprint reader lies within an angle of view of the laptop webcam. Images obtained from the webcam are utilized to estimate the position of the finger placement and to determine the fingerprint model associated with the user. During fingerprint authentication, the webcam is used to estimate finger identity and position to determine an order of checking the acquired fingerprint against the registered fingerprint templates. This enables secure authentication since additional time can be allocated to the authentication algorithm for each match attempt. Motion detection is utilized to determine that a user is about to perform fingerprint based authentication to automatically activate the webcam.

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Creative Commons License
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