Techniques are described herein for enhancing traceability and troubleshooting in complex enterprise wireless cluster deployments using provenance metadata and a hyper ledger. State and event information are captured and used to reconstruct/recreate state machines and event diagrams (e.g., using Unified Modeling Language (UML)) which may be directly mapped to the code. The states and events of all Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) Controllers (WLCs) in the cluster are maintained as provenance metadata. Provenance metadata may improve troubleshooting abnormalities/issues caused by an event or state change (positive provenance), and may help in debugging issues caused by missing events (negative provenance). The metadata is maintained as a transaction in the hyper ledger of a private blockchain, which may help in troubleshooting incidents caused by attacks (e.g., repudiation attacks, etc.). The transaction records are signed by the source to provide authenticity of the information that is especially required in the absence of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

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Creative Commons License
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