This disclosure describes techniques to wirelessly charge and provide software updates to multiple computing devices stored in a densely packed configuration. Inductive charging coils are provided within each computing device that enable wireless charging and signaling between proximate devices. The coils are positioned at a predetermined offset from a corner of the device and are placed within the lid and/or the base of the device such that when one or more compliant devices are stacked vertically or horizontally, the coils from one device are in alignment with the coils of its neighboring devices. The stack of devices can be charged by an external power source with similar coil placement. Each device also includes associated logic components that support coordination of charging between devices, communication of charging status and/or state of charge, waking up the device when receiving wireless power, coordination of secure updates/reconfiguration, etc. The described techniques enable software update configuration and power management of multiple devices that are in storage and/or packaging with minimal disruption.

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Creative Commons License
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