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New techniques have advanced the output quality of monitor displays, which continue to improve

day by day. Therefore, recent displays have a higher resolution than ever before. It is not only

TV or desktop monitors that have a larger and higher-resolution display, but even notebook

monitors also support high resolution. In the operating system (OS) environment, there exists

an interface for users to change their resolution. It can be fine-tuned to a user’s preference. But

in a pre-OS environment like a command shell, such an interface does not exist. Therefore, a

user will see very small text with a high resolution display which can be difficult to read and

provide a bad user experience. With bigger displays, e.g., over 20,” having a 4K UHD resolution

(3840 x 2160) should be fine, but when the monitor is smaller than, e.g., 15” but still has a 4K

UHD output display, the text becomes very small and hard to read.

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