The present disclosure describes guardians for an enterprise that enable the enterprise to provide safety zones for users in a virtual workplace. An admin of the enterprise provides headsets to the users, who are required to take part in business activities. The admin utilizes an admin headset having an admin guardian to create the guardian for each of the users. The admin preconfigures an experience with each of the guardians for the headsets that are to be provisioned. After the experience with each of the guardians is preconfigured, the admin guardian informs the admin a size of a room to account for, number of headsets and the type of the experience set by the admin. The admin informs the users the size of the room that is required for the experience, and provides the headsets to the users. As the user enters in the virtual workplace, the guardian ensures that the user remains in his/her safety zone and the preconfigured posture. Thereafter, the guardian lets the user inside the business activity. As the user enters the business activity, the guardian launches a passthrough mode. The user can see visually in the passthrough mode whether his/her safety zone overlaps with the safety zones of the other participants. The experience will stop if there is an overlap between the safety zones. In case of the overlap, the user needs to move away to a safer distance to get into the experience again.

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Creative Commons License
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