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This disclosure relates to the field of error reporting in a device’s user interface. In this disclosure it is

proposed to embed dynamically generated information to the System Error reported in the User Interface

(UI). This dynamically generated information will provide certain configurable parameters like the Part

Number and Serial Number of the device, the ID (identifier) of the session logs which will contain the issue,

timestamp of the occurrence, telemetry session when the issue occurred and any other sub‐system

specific information depending on the concrete system error. Then, a mechanism should be provided to

the user to capture this information from the printer UI. One possible implementation of this idea (but

not limited to) could be to encode all these parameters in a URL which later is converted to a QR code.

This way, any QR reader could univocally get all the information and then offer different options to the

user. In this case, the user just taking a picture of the error with a QR reader application, will be redirected

to the proper support web, already filled with that device/error data, to get help: information,

workaround, fixes, or an option to open a support ticket which would automatically include all the

required information as provided with the enhanced System Error information avoiding any human error

in the reporting of the required information. As any webpage, this allows to include as much information

and resources (images, videos) as desired. If there’ a support customer visit, the technician can use this

same mechanism to access specific information about the error or escalate it.

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Creative Commons License
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