This disclosure describes techniques for the user of a mobile device to electronically pay another user using a payments app even in the absence of internet connectivity. At the payer’s end, a payment message that includes the payee’s identity, the amount, and other details is generated. The message is encrypted using the payer’s private key and provided to the payee’s device via a suitable mechanism such as peer-to-peer transfer, e.g., via Bluetooth. In another mechanism, the payer’s device generates an encoded image, e.g., a QR code, from the encrypted message. The message and/or the code is transferred to the payee’s mobile device, e.g., via a peer-to-peer connection or capturing an image of the code using a camera of the payee’s device. When either device connects to the Internet, the payment is decoded and verified using the payer’s public key. A message is sent to respective account providers to complete the payment.

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Creative Commons License
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