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In our large format printers, an ink collector accessory is used to enable the possibility of printing onto

porous substrates (textiles for example). Nowadays the set‐up process consists on placing some ink

collector modules on top of the print‐platen of the printer. To secure those ink collector modules, the

user must manually rotate up to 18 latches, which can be quite annoying and time‐consuming for

him/her. In addition to that, there is a failure mode on the field related to a misuse of those latches that

can result in broken parts, and therefore, in a service intervention to repair the module.

The invention described in this document consists on substituting the mentioned manual latches by a

customized magnet feature, which makes the process of installing/uninstalling the ink collector modules

easier and more comfortable by far. All in all, both, the set‐up time and the ergonomics are improved

thanks to this invention. Moreover, the magnet feature is more robust against misuses than the current

rotating latch mechanism.

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