Graduation Hat Microphone for Waterproof Top Port Microphones

Yuyan Hua, Amazon Service LLC
Carl Philip Taussig, Amazon Service LLC
Shu-Yu Chou, Amazon Service LLC
Doug Kenneth Hogue, Amazon Service LLC


Small form factor consumer electronic (CE) devices such Echo Buds and Echo Loop with microphone functions are often required to be waterproof. Integrating waterproof feature at the microphone component level enables consistent audio performance and simplified product design. However, integrating the membrane on the small footprint of the microphone while maintaining the desired audio and water resistance performance has been a big challenge. This paper describes a “Graduation Hat” microphone lid technology to integrate a reactive waterproof acoustic membrane with less than 4dB additional acoustic attenuation compared to the same microphone without the membrane while providing 5atm waterproofing. Thereby enabling a more sleek design, consistent audio performance and simplified device level microphone integration.