Santanu Ganguly


Presented herein is a system for Quantum Key Distribution Service (QKDServ) architecture that utilizes the novel concept of "Quantum Key on demand" (QKoD) to achieve efficient key resource usage in combination with a new concept of quantum key management server (QKMS) technique, where efficient QKoD relies on the QKMS to allocate secret keys for security requirements in a timely manner on demand. This proposed system also provides a novel QKD over SDN architecture where QKMSs are constructed to secure control channels (C-Ch) and data channels (D-Ch). Finally, the techniques presented herein propose a novel dynamic routing, wavelength and key assignment (QRKWa) algorithm designed to implement QKoD jointly for C-Chs and D-Chs, where the adaptive key assignment strategy considers two cases (i.e., key-updating based on time complexity of attacks and key-updating based on data complexity of attacks).

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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