The present disclosure describes a method for capturing virtual reality (VR) screenshots of a three-dimensional (3D) scene for a virtual environment. The method is implemented partially on a VR application that is installed on a computing device and partially on a camera rig. The camera rig, housing one or more cameras, is connected to the computing device via a network. The one or more cameras are directed at different angles or at a specific angle to capture the 3D scene from the different angles or the specific angle, respectively. Also, the camera rig is configured to function as a stationary rig or a rotational rig. The one or more cameras capture and locally store a video of the 3D scene. The camera rig then provides the video to the VR application via the network. The VR application includes a video processing system that further includes an interpolation module, a stitching module and a capture correction module. The interpolation module receives the video and calculates motion vectors between related pixels in adjacent frames of the video. The interpolation module removes redundant frames from the video and stores only a key set of frames determined based on the motion vectors. The interpolation module further generates interpolated frames (that are not part of the key set of frames) based on the motion vectors, depending on how much precision is required. The interpolation module then sends the key set of frames, the interpolated frames, and the motion vectors to the stitching module. The stitching module interleaves the interpolated frames into the key set of frames based on the motion vectors to generate a set of stitched frames. The capture correction module adjusts the set of stitched frames to compensate for camera misalignment due to camera pose errors, and the like. The set of stitched frames, after being adjusted by the capture correction module, is used to generate an omnistereo panorama. The omnistereo panorama is used as the VR screenshot for a VR software (for example, a VR game) on a VR store.

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Creative Commons License
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