In the wireless cluster deployments, node discovery is a challenge. Further, it can be more challenging to discover the services running in such deployments. There are existing methods which use "client side discovery" and "server side discovery" that need a centralized "Service Registry" to maintain all available service instances. Presented herein are techniques that provide for the utilization of a private blockchain and HyperLedger in order to discover nodes and their services in wireless cluster deployments. Techniques of this proposal may provide for de‑centralizing node and service discovery in wireless cluster deployments without compromising authentication and security aspects. In one example, when a node comes up, it can authenticate itself with a Blockchain provider to be recognized as a legitimate node for a deployment. The node and services associated therewith would be added to the Ledger. The Ledger can be made available to all nodes in the deployment, which allows members to learn the node and service details and further communicate with the respective nodes for various services.

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Creative Commons License
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