An enterprise wireless clustering deployment is comprises of cluster of Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) Controllers (WLCs), intended to provide collaborative services such as load balancing of Access Points (APs), distributed mDNS gateway, etc. Since these cluster deployments are typically very large, configuring individual WLCs is difficult. Presented herein are techniques to incorporate WLC cluster deployments with an authenticated distributed ledger to securely store the configuration and subsequent changes (e.g., only maintain changes from the previous one, using dictionary method: key-value pair to identify the difference). This avoids the use of control Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) connection between AP and WLC for sharing the configuration, thereby giving access to the ledger based on the service registered by the worker WLCs or APs. For example, a worker WLC would register for services such as load balancing, mDNS gateway etc., to obtain the relevant configurations. Similarly, APs would register for wireless service to get configurations and policies based on the Site Tag (location).

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Creative Commons License
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