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Prefabricated dome building with large panoramic windows.

Dome structure made of prefabricated reinforced polyurethane segments.

Large panoramic windows made of acrylic.

1. Dome house constructed of prefabricated reinforced polyurethane segments.

10, 12 or 14 prefabricated reinforced polyurethane segments are used to build a compleat dome house. Segments are reinforced with either steel, or composite bars. Reinforcement extensions are designed to be used for segments interconnection, and mounting the segments to the foundation or base. Interconnected rebars are forming stable structure.

Male-female joints are used to connect the segments. Segments are glued together and sealed. One or several segments can be replaced with acrylic windows as shown on the drawing or in any other order.

The structure is mounted on the flat strengthened ground.Concrete is poured inside the dome building to stabilize the structure.

There 3 types of segments used in the construction.

Convex/concave trapezoid, bended straight and portal segments.

Portal segment can be used for door, window or for connecting 2 dome structures.

2. Panoramic windows made of acrylic.

Panoramic window has the same shape as a segment. It consist of 2 elements. Bottom and top. Either bottom or top element can be replaced with blank polyurethane part, which gives the design extra variability.

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