Vehicles may provide an infotainment experience that is hosted by a head unit or other computing device. The head unit may execute a native operating system that provides an execution environment in which an operating system client may execute to support execution of a different operating system hosted by another computing device (e.g., a smartphone, laptop computer, tablet computer, etc.). The head unit may require that the computing device physically interconnect with the head unit as the head unit may not support wireless connections (or only support limited wireless connections in the form of bandwidth limited connection – e.g., personal area network connections, such as Bluetooth® connections). Techniques described in this disclosure provide a bridge device for enabling wireless connections between the head unit and the computing devices for wireless projection of the different operating system, where the bridge device provides the physical interconnection required by the head unit while maintaining the wireless connection with the computing device to support wireless projection of the different operating system.

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Creative Commons License
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