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How could a company make sure that their intellectual property is being used correctly and according to the

agreements set with Print-Service-Providers (PSP) So far the copyright laws did not catch up to this new 3D print

world and one of the challenges is to enable Content Providers to track the agreements set with PSPs, and allowing

management of thousands of different PSPs printing a variety of models per bucket (3D bed filled with objects to be

printed). Some of these models can have copyright and some not, creating a heterogeneous print bucket. The models

in the bucket may have different providers (Company A and COMPANY B for example) and they may be printed

together in order to save time and material. This work provides a way to control 3D prints in heterogeneous 3D print

buckets allowing only the pre-defined people (or PSP) to print the correct amounts of models (with the correct

properties) using an agreement base using the 3MF as standard input for the Terminus project that will be released

later in 2018.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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