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Disclosure to explain an automated system which detects powder low flowability and executes an arch

recovery increasing the powder flow and allowing successful powder loading for 3D systems.

Powder flowability is affected by multiple factors (powder type, recycled powder condition, humidity,

temperature) which alters the loading time and successful loading finish rate. In some cases, and specially

with some powder types such as PA11, it has been observed that the powder gets stuck to the walls of its

container decreasing the flow and increasing the loading times.

To avoid this effect, an arch recovery can be executed once the powder flow measure reaches a minimum

threshold. This arch recovery will quickly close the valves causing a pressure surge (phenomenon known

as hydraulic shock or water hammer) which will unstuck the powder from the tank walls and increase the

powder flow reducing loading time and optimizing the powder usage. This arch recovery was limited to a

maximum of one time per load, but it has been found to be insufficient in some cases. This disclosure

proposes an increase on the arch recoveries depending on the powder flow detection during the load.

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Creative Commons License
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