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When a 3D printer user wants to print a job and do an external cooling, he needs to indicate this prior

to sending the job to the printer, so the system can behave accordingly to ensure the best part quality

possible. One of the actions of the system consists in generating a build envelope to physically protect

the build content when it is transferred to the external cooling unit. The user always wants to have some

information about all the printed parts, including the autogenerated ones. Thus, we need to provide a

mechanism to be able to track what happens with the build envelope, whether it is printed correctly, track

the printing consumption (ink, material, …), etc.

In our solution, the job to print consists of the original build package, specified by the 3MF content file,

and the autogenerated build envelope. This is organized as if the job has two build packages, the original

3MF and a second autogenerated package containing the build envelope. This way the second build

package containing the envelope has its own information and consumption, which can be individually

processed and tracked, separated from the information of the original job parts.

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