This paper describes techniques for intelligently selecting and utilizing components of one or more provider plans, such as one or more mobile service provider (e.g., mobile carrier) plans, which are configured for use on a mobile computing device. Various modern mobile computing devices are equipped with two or more subscriber identity modules, or SIMs. The techniques of the present paper enable a mobile computing device (e.g., smartphone) that is equipped with multiple SIMs to intelligently select and utilize a particular mobile service provider plan, or components (e.g., voice, text, data components) of multiple different service provider plans that are associated with corresponding SIMs. For example, based on factors such as user preferences, location information associated with a mobile computing device, and/or pricing information associated with each service provider plan, the mobile computing device may be configured to select various components of one or more service provider plans to use at any given time, such as while a user of the device is travelling.

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Creative Commons License
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