A computing device is described that is configured to determine an emotional response of a user to an application being used by the user. For instance, when an application developer wishes to improve an application, the computing device may collect emotional data by utilizing sensors (e.g., cameras, microphone, touch panel, motion sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.) embedded within the computing device running the application. The computing device may correlate the collected emotional data to specific portions of the application so that the computing device may locate within the application where the emotional data appears to suggest the user is confused. For instance, the computing device may capture a screenshot of what is being displayed at the computing device at a particular time and associate the screenshot with the user’s emotional state at the particular time. The computing device may then display both the collected emotional data and associated tracked portions of the application (e.g., within a dashboard presentable to the application developer). This way, the application developer could optimize the specific portions of the application based on the confusion expressed by the user.

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Creative Commons License
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