Users typically purchase lottery tickets at brick-and-mortar vendors. Users need to physically visit the vendor, securely store the lottery ticket, and perform manual matching to determine winnings. This disclosure describes techniques to provide users with an online option to purchase lottery tickets. Per techniques of this disclosure, users are provided with a tab, visual card, or other online user interface that enables them to purchase lottery tickets. The online lottery interface is displayed in response to a user search for lottery, lottery tickets, etc. The UI enables the user to browse and purchase a lottery ticket, after verifying their identity and eligibility. The user can complete their purchase using an online payment method such as an online wallet or other payment mechanism that is associated with the user. Ticket details are stored online, and the service provider can provide additional services such as verification of lottery winnings. User information is accessed with specific user permission for purposes such as identity verification, eligibility assessment, or payment.

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Creative Commons License
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