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This disclosure describes the transmission of recorded media such as audio and/or video in a virtual meeting when a participant device experiences conditions of poor network connectivity. Per techniques of this disclosure, the quality of service (QoS) of the network is monitored. If poor QoS is detected at a device, the meeting is switched to a receive-only mode for the device. The participant is provided with an option, e.g., similar to “tap-to-record” in messaging applications, to record and transmit their message(s) to other meeting participants. Other participants in the meeting are notified that the participant with poor network connectivity is recording a message. The recorded message can be transmitted by the user using a lossless network protocol. The lossless nature of the protocol enables the successful transmission of the message, even under poor network conditions. The recorded message relayed to all participants in the meeting and is played as soon as it is received, such that the participant with poor network connectivity can be active in the meeting.

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Creative Commons License
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