This publication describes techniques and apparatuses that expedite the procedure for manual (“on-demand”) Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) selection by a user using a user equipment (UE). To create a PLMN search priority when performing a manual PLMN selection procedure, the process is divided into a system information database (SI DB), a mobile country code database (MCC DB), and a Remainder database (Remainder DB). The SI DB includes a predefined number (e.g., ten) of the last absolute radio-frequency channel numbers (ARFCN) acquired on each radio access technology (RAT). The MCC DB is a band of frequencies identifying the PLMN location by country (e.g., the United States of America, Australia, Germany). The Remainder DB groups a band of frequencies that are not in the MCC DB. When the user initiates the manual PLMN selection procedure, the UE searches for available PLMNs according to a grouping priority, in three phases: an SI DB, an MCC DB, and a Remainder DB search phase. The user receives periodic updates on the available PLMN list, and the user, at any time, can select the target PLMN without needing to wait for the UE to complete the whole search process.

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Creative Commons License
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