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In production printers, there are subsystems that require service maintenance to guarantee the full life of

the product as well as the proper performance over time.

If the service maintenances are not followed, there is risk of part failures and unexpected printer downtime.

The only way of reducing the unexpected printer interruptions is by enabling predictive service maintenance

that allow the service organization to schedule the interventions on the printer before the problem occurs.

The new Adaptative maintenance system will allow company to adapt the service maintenance plan and

the on-site interventions based on customer usage to only replace predictively the parts that are reaching

end of life while keeping the maintenance cost at its optimal value. Service maintenance could be an

important contributor in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), an important decision factor when customer

consider a printer purchase.

This system is possible thanks to monitor the components usage, predicting when the components will face

risk of failure and optimizing the operationalization of the service interventions.

The adaptative maintenance system will improve the up-time of the printer, the cost of service maintenance

(TCO) and the service experience.

The adaptative maintenances will be one of the differentiators in next products value-added services.

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