Spatial and/or temporal triggers may be established so that when actuated, one or more notifications such as reminders may be provided to one or more users. These triggers may be established manually, e.g., by a user operating a user interface, automatically, e.g., by scraping calendar and/or email data to ascertain and/or predict various aspects of upcoming appointments such as start times, duration, date, location, and so forth, or a combination of the two. Spatial triggers may be actuated based on a determination that a user is, or will be, at a particular location. Temporal triggers may be actuated at particular points in time, e.g., at the scheduled time of an event or at some predetermined time interval before or after the event. Using one or more triggers, it is possible to provide notifications to a user at some predetermined time interval prior to a scheduled event, so that the user has sufficient time to make appropriate arrangements, such as buying tickets, making a reservation, scheduling a rendezvous with a friend, and so forth. A calendar system may also be interfaced with to manually or automatically establish triggers.

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