This publication describes methods and techniques that align auto exposures, frame length times, frames-per-second frequencies, and frame length lines, in a user equipment, such as a smartphone, that utilizes a multi-camera system. In one aspect, the multi-camera system contains one front-facing red-green-blue (RGB) camera and two front-facing infrared (IR) cameras. When a user utilizes the multi-camera system consisting of RGB camera(s) and IR camera(s) it may be referred to as RGB and IR depth (RGBIRD) image capturing. Although this publication illustrates RGBIRD image capturing with a smartphone with a multi-camera system that contains one RGB camera and two IR cameras, the same methods and techniques may be applied to a multi-camera system with one RGB camera and one IR camera, with one RGB camera and two IR cameras, with two RGB cameras and two IR cameras, with two RGB cameras and three IR cameras, any other combination of RGB and IR cameras, and any combination of cameras with different physical specifications.

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Creative Commons License
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