This publication describes techniques and systems directed to classifying skin injury using a radar propagation technique to measure the health of tissue below the surface of the skin. The millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum can be broadcast from an active sensor(s) (e.g., transmitting antenna(s)) on a computing device towards the skin of a person. The mmWaves penetrate the skin and reflectively scatter differently for various tissues and burn types due to changes in dielectric properties. Sensor(s) (e.g., receiving antenna(s)) on the computing device can sense the scattering of the mmWaves reflected by the skin and collect data for processing. The data can be processed using data models supported by machine learning algorithms to categorize an assessment of skin injury. The computing device can further assess skin injury through the use of passive sensors such as light sensors (i.e., camera) or infrared (IR) sensors.

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Creative Commons License
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