The present disclosure describes a switching system capable of switching a control input mode provided to a wearable display device between a hand tracking mode and a controller tracking mode. In the hand tracking mode, user’s hand gestures are used as a control input to the wearable display device, whereas in the controller tracking mode, controller’s inputs, for example button-based inputs, are used as the control input. The wearable display devices may include, but not limited to, virtual reality (VR) headsets or an augmented reality (AR) headset such as a head-mounted display (HMD) unit, an optical head-mounted display (O-HMD) unit, and the like. Typically, the switching system takes inputs from an input provider that provides either of the control inputs to the wearable display device to control the rendering of content on a display panel of the wearable display device. In an example, the switching system may receive an instruction in the form of a stimulus to change the control input mode. The switching system, in response to a stimulus, changes the control input mode. In some examples, the stimulus may include one or more of the following - user’s instruction(s), launch of an application, motion detection, and the like.

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Creative Commons License
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