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A system is described that enables a computing system (e.g., mobile phone, camera, tablet computer, etc.) to associate images with a sound that has been detected when an image was captured. The computing system may passively capture an audio sample when a user clicks a photo and compare the audio sample with a song database (e.g., as detected by one or more input device). If a match is found, information, such as the title of the song and the name of the musician, may be retrieved and correlated to the photo. A user may play a song associated with a photo by clicking on the title of the song within an information panel. Alternatively, with instructions from the user, the computing system may create a playlist of songs associated with photos. The computing system may also pair people recognized in the photo with the song associated with the photo to identify the songs that are played most often when the recognized people are together. In addition, with the user’s consent, the computing system may generate a combined playlist of songs associated with photos of a given event when a user shares photos with other users. The computing system may also utilize the songs associated with the photos to create an intelligent movie, collage, home album, or animation.

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