This disclosure describes virtual assistant based techniques that, with user permission, log medications, symptoms, and measures of health. The techniques offer an easy mechanism for users to document their symptoms, vital signs, health data, etc. For example, a user simply speaks out their symptoms to their virtual assistant to create a log. Vital signs are automatically logged by the virtual assistant (with user permission) using, e.g., sensors and mobile/wearable devices. The techniques enable users to develop a personal health journal that frictionlessly logs activity, sleep, nutrition, heart rate, etc. When enabled, the virtual assistant reminds users of medications to be taken and also prevents accidental doubling of dosages. The automatically generated and curated personal health journal enables users to focus on a healthier lifestyle, provides valuable clues to pathologies, enables querying of health history, helps understand trends, and helps caregivers and doctors better deliver healthcare. The techniques are implemented with specific user permissions and in compliance with regulations related to health information.

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Creative Commons License
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