This publication describes an enhanced quick-preview feature. Some computing devices (e.g., smartphones) offer a quick-preview feature enabling content to be quickly previewed within a popup window without requiring navigation away from a current window or screen of a graphical user interface (GUI). By so doing, these devices provide the user with an opportunity to preview the content before navigating to the content on a different GUI window or screen. The enhanced quick-preview feature described in this publication enables the user to preview additional content also before navigating away from the current GUI. For example, assume that a user selects to preview content within a GUI, such as with a press-and-hold gesture. In response to detecting this selection, a computing device presents a quick-preview feature on the device’s display. The quick-preview feature displays a portion of the content in a popup window, or “content preview,” overlaying a current GUI window or screen. Rather than be limited to what is initially shown in the content preview, the enhanced quick-preview feature allows other parts of the content to be previewed, still without navigating to the content on a different GUI window or screen. Through additional, small-gesture interactions performed while maintaining a gesture (e.g., maintaining a constant pressure for a press-and-hold gesture), the user can manipulate the content preview and vary which parts of the content are shown. The content preview expands or contracts in size or scrolls in a direction consistent with the movement of the quick-preview gesture. In this way, a computing device provides a more-convenient and enjoyable quick-preview experience, is able to preview more content than what is initially shown, and help users decide whether or not the content is of sufficient interest to warrant navigating to a different GUI window or screen.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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