Described are systems, methods, computer programs, and user interfaces for image location, acquisition, analysis, and data correlation. Results obtained via image analysis are correlated to non-spatial information useful for commerce and trade. Financial analysts make money (at least in theory) by allocating capital to where it will be most productive. Predictions of future earnings are based off of present performance. When present performance exceeds or falls short of market expectations, the value of the corresponding financial instrument (stocks, bonds, options, etc.) adjusts as well. The market typically only receives these updates on a quarterly basis. Imagery could be used to better predict sales and/or production numbers for certain types of publicly held companies. For example, images of regions of interest of the Earth can monitor vehicle activity at retail and/or production facilities to anticipate company performance and place profitable financial trades. Keywords associated with the present disclosure include: image acquisition, satellite imagery drone imagery, vehicle count, car count.

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