The present disclosure describes a system to target and select graphical user interface (GUI) elements in a virtual environment. A user wears a head-mounted display (HMD) device and views a graphical user interface (GUI) surface to select the GUI elements on the GUI surface. The user holds a hand-held device (HHD) to provide an input and enable targeting by using a capacitive touch interface (CTI) in conjunction with a ray-casting process. Targeting refers to pointing at the GUI element using an input device, while interacting in the virtual environment. Initially, the ray-casting process is utilized for pointing at the GUI surface until a selection reticle is near the GUI element of interest. Once the selection reticle is near the GUI element of interest, the user places a finger on the CTI to snap the selection reticle onto the GUI surface. Thereafter, the ray-casting process is disabled and changed to a precision-mode to enable more precise selections.

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Creative Commons License
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