Described are systems, methods, computer programs, and user interfaces for image location, acquisition, analysis, and data correlation. Results obtained via image analysis are correlated to non-spatial information useful for commerce and trade. For example, images of regions of interest of the Earth are used to monitor supply chain. Major manufacturing companies have very little visibility into their global supply chains, especially beyond their first tier of suppliers. Supply chain disruptions (e.g. a factory fire) are often discovered with little time to react, putting business continuity at risk. The present disclosure describes alerting supply chain managers of anomalous activity (e.g. more vehicles than expected) at critical nodes in their supply chain. Rapidly confirming disruptions and their impact well ahead of when they would otherwise learn from tier-1 suppliers, supply chain managers can quickly identify favorable alternate sourcing, and preserve business continuity, reducing losses. Keywords associated with the present disclosure include: image acquisition, satellite imagery drone imagery, supply chain, supply chain disruptions.

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