Many establishments that serve food and drinks provide an option to place orders and have the items be packed for takeout. Customers can place such pickup orders in-person at the counter, via a drive-through, on the phone, online via the establishment’s website, through third party apps and services that provide pickup and delivery features, etc. Once the order is placed the customer typically receives an estimated time when the order will be ready for pickup. However, these estimates are independent of relevant contextual information, such as the customer’s current location. This disclosure describes techniques to support pickup orders various establishments via an automated interactive bot that uses voice and/or text-based chat interaction. With customer permission, relevant contextual information can be used to enhance the order placement interaction and order pickup experience. The described techniques can be implemented as a standalone system and/or integrated within existing systems or applications, such as maps, virtual assistants, search engines, websites, etc.

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Creative Commons License
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