Described are systems, methods, computer programs, and user interfaces for image location, acquisition, analysis, and data correlation. Results obtained via image analysis are correlated to non-spatial information. For example, images of regions of interest of the Earth are used for financial due diligence. Due diligence (DD) generally refers to the investigative process by which an organization mitigates risk prior to engaging in a business or contractual transaction. Specifically for those in the financial world, DD entails the process by which an investor thoroughly evaluates a target company and its assets prior to investment or acquisition. Although many aspects of the due diligence process relate to the collection of financial and legal information, the systems and methods described herein can provide additional critical insights an investor or research analyst needs to qualify the physical assets and macroeconomic dynamics associated with a targeted deal. Keywords associated with the present disclosure include: image acquisition, satellite imagery drone imagery, financial due diligence, due diligence.

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