A system for exposing a webXR API (application program interface) to a web developer for addition of new features is disclosed. The webXR API acts as an interface between an XR (extended reality) application and a webXR runtime. The webXR runtime is a software, which implements the webXR API. The webXR API is a layered API having a number of API layers. The webXR API is exposed to the web developer for adding a set of new webXR functions or modifying a behavior of a set of existing webXR functions. The web developer inserts new API layers for adding the set of new webXR functions. The web developer intercepts the set of existing functions from the API layers for modifying their behavior. This way, the new features are introduced to the webXR API. The webXR API exposes the new features in the form of XR extensions. Once the XR extensions are successfully added, these are enabled by creating an XR instance. The XR instance is an object that allows an XR application to communicate with the webXR runtime.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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