Described are systems, methods, computer programs, and user interfaces for image location, acquisition, analysis, and data correlation. Results obtained via image analysis are correlated to non-spatial information. For example, images of regions of interest of the Earth are used for facility load forecasting. Companies operating critical infrastructure across global supply chains (e.g. port terminals, warehouses) or the vehicles moving between those infrastructure sites (e.g. ships, trucks) have little operational visibility outside of the domains they control. Traffic changes at upstream or downstream sites can create unpredictable slowdowns or activity spikes for a company’s own operations, which result in significant operational inefficiencies. The systems and methods of the present disclosure provide these companies with visibility into other key infrastructure nodes across the transportation/logistics system that impact loads on their own facilities. With a better understanding of the flows and choke points across the system, companies can more effectively optimize operations to match expected loads and incur significant efficiency savings. Keywords associated with the present disclosure include: image acquisition, satellite imagery drone imagery, facility load forecasting, facility load.

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