Data centers today employ powerful CPUs and GPUs that consume a significant amount of current, e.g., up to a thousand amperes of current. To mitigate large thermal losses in the power delivery network that occur at such high amperages, voltage regulators (VR) are moved closer to their loads, e.g., vertically below the loads. For a VR to fit in the tight space below the load, it must be of high density and integrate the decoupling capacitors that often occupy the space below the load. This disclosure describes a scalable, multi-fed-polygon (MFP) coupled inductor that is optimized for vertical power delivery. The polygon shape of the inductor enables it to interface with power stage components in several directions, resulting in high utilization of magnetic core flux density, reduced physical dimensions, and flexible layout possibilities. Decoupling capacitors are fit below the MFP inductor, resulting in further space saving and excellent transient response.

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Creative Commons License
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