Described are systems, methods, computer programs, and user interfaces for image location, acquisition, analysis, and data correlation. Results obtained via image analysis are correlated to non-spatial information useful for commerce and trade. Keywords associated with the present disclosure include: image acquisition, satellite imagery drone imagery, competitor refinery monitoring, energy generation estimates, open pit mine volume measurement, crop yield damage assessment, pipeline monitoring, oil tank volume analysis, oil rig counting, detect illegal mining, well head counting, crop type and health analysis, crop type analysis, timber extents and BHD estimates, ship construction and repair, wastewater plumes from factories, monitor off-shore oil exploration, track mining operations and equipment, chemical facility monitoring, oil terminal construction monitoring, illegal logging, industrial disaster response, crop yield analysis, environmental impact assessments, invasive species monitoring, landfill monitoring, protected habitat monitoring, hazardous waste monitoring, flood risk analysis, ID erosion threats, smog tracking, forest fire detection (and hotspot analysis) and damage prevention through perimeter clearance, pre-storm site analysis, field boundary measurement, planted versus fallow fields, monitor dredging activities, overwatered lawns in drought, identification of permeable and impermeable surfaces on a property, plan and monitor reclamation, pre-construction surveys, utility pole detection, risk assessment for new infrastructure, construction monitoring, feature extraction-base mapping, property damage assessment, cell tower detection and quantification, track development trends-new homes, facility/property security, traffic analysis, extract newly built roads, solar panel placement analysis, quantify building damage, urban tree count, irrigation/reservoir analysis, insurance risk, detect post disaster insurance fraud, land use classification and planning, locate downed power-lines, monitor port activity, factory output estimation, AIS Validation, parking lot 9 monitoring, piracy monitoring, market share quantification, monitor port activity (count containers), retail monitoring by counting cars, carbon credit monitoring, daily traffic at ski resorts, detect post disaster damage, due diligence and stress testing, pre-disaster transportation analysis, sustainability validation, demand forecasting, competitive intelligence, quantify transportation damage, facility risk and security assessment, site planning, and locate missing people/property.

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