Users consume a large amount of media content from various online sources, which may include established media sources as well as questionable sources. Users may not have many resources to aid in discerning between media content from legitimate sources and media content from questionable sources. Many users may have limited media literacy. To improve media literacy, a consumption report may present how much of the user’s daily media content consumption applies to various content attributes such that the user may be better informed about how much trustworthy content he or she has consumed. The user’s interaction with digital media content provided by an entity is detected and an integrity score and a user value score may be determined. The integrity score may be associated with a behavior of the entity and the user value score may be associated with a behavior of an audience of the entity. An entity score may be calculated based on the integrity and user value scores, and a consumption report may be determined based on the entity score. The consumption report may indicate an amount of content consumed by the user during a time period for at least one of a plurality of content factors which may be associated with the behavior of the entity and the behavior of the audience of the entity. The consumption report may be presented to the user near the digital media content.

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Creative Commons License
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