A computing device (e.g., a mobile phone, camera, tablet computer, etc.) may include an integrated display device (e.g., a presence-sensitive screen) at which a user interface is presented. Additionally, a computing device may include a microphone that generates audio data and the capability to process the audio data. For instance, the computing device may process the audio data to identify one or more commands or requests spoken by a user of the computing device, and perform various actions associated with those commands or requests. In some situations, a user may desire for the computing device to perform one or more actions that would typically be performed via interacting with the displayed user interface without having to touch the phone. For instance, in an emergency situation, it may be desirable for the user to cause the computing device to contact emergency services (e.g., call 911 or a local variant of such number) without having to physically interact with the device. The user may utter a specific word or group of words which the computing device recognizes to cause the computing device to contact emergency services.

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