David Kogan


A system can provide interpolated color gradients for different areas of a displayed data map to indicate various data values associated with the gradient colors (e.g., solar flux values in the examples described). A different customized base gradient can be defined for each of multiple base locations on the map. Other locations of the map can be provided with different colors of the gradient that have been interpolated from the multiple base gradients. The interpolated gradient can be based on pixel distance from a center pixel of a view of the map to each of the base locations, where base gradients from closer base locations are more strongly weighted in the interpolation. Different zoom levels can use different weightings of the base gradients in the interpolated gradient. This technique enables gradient colors to be smoothly changed in the display when panning to different areas of a map having different data values, and avoids the appearance of discontinuities in gradient colors during panning and zooming operations.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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