A system for automatically locking buttons (if inadvertently activated) on hand-held controllers is disclosed. The hand-held controllers include motion sensors, such as a tri-axial accelerometer and a tri-axial gyroscope. The tri-axial accelerometer calculates components of a linear acceleration along three axes: x, y and z. The tri-axial gyroscope calculates components of an angular velocity along the three axes: x, y and z. The motion sensors’ readings are fed to an application. The application includes a differentiator module and an analysis module. The differentiator module computes derivatives of the components of the angular velocity to calculate components of an angular acceleration along the three axes. If a magnitude of at least one amongst the components of the linear acceleration or the components of the angular acceleration, monitored by the analysis module, is greater than a respective predetermined threshold(s), an auto-lockout function is enabled in the application. The auto-lockout function disables the buttons on the hand-held controllers for a minimal duration.

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Creative Commons License
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